The Key Solutions team is here to advise and guide you through the entire mortgage process.  To help we have compiled a list of questions we are frequently asked by our clients.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, give us a call on 0800 138 5856 or drop us an email and one of our team of mortgage specialists will be happy to help in any way they can.

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Why do I need an Agreement In Principle (AIP)?

An Agreement in Principle will confirm how much you can borrow and from which lender.  The lender will carry out a credit search and often a credit score to assess your affordability based on the income you have disclosed and the information found on your credit file.  Once you have received your AIP Certificate (normally within hours but it can take longer depending on the lender) you can, with confidence, make an offer on a house or reserve your new home.  Having an AIP shows vendors, property developers and estate agents that you are a serious buyer with a mortgage approved in principle.  This will put you a step ahead of other buyers.

Lenders aim to lend the agreed amount, but may not be able to lend if :

  • Any of your details change.
  • Anything changes on your credit file when we make your full mortgage application.
  • If you are not able to prove your income or circumstances declared on your AIP.

What will my monthly payments be?

We can give you an indication once you have your agreement in principle.  However, the mortgage rate and payments we secure for you will be confirmed in writing before you apply for your mortgage by your personal Key Solutions Mortgage Adviser.

Can I still use you if I am buying through a different developer or estate agent?

Yes, we act on your behalf and you can use us for any type of mortgage with any developer or estate agent.

Do we need to come and see you?

Most of our appointments are conducted over the telephone at a time that is convenient to you.  However, if you would prefer a home visit appointment or if you would like to visit our offices then please just let us know.

How much deposit do I need?

This varies across all lenders but the minimum deposit is normally 5%.  The more deposit you can put down the better interest rate you will be able to secure.

How much can I borrow?

This varies from lender to lender but is typically 3 to 4.5 times your income, depending on your lender.  Your income includes basic pay, or net profit if self-employed, some lenders also take overtime, shift allowance and other types of variable pay.  A reduction may be taken away from this amount if you have outstanding credit commitments such as personal loans and credit cards.

What happens if my application gets declined?

Application can be declined for a number of reasons.  These are often due to being unable to produce the information the lender requires or subsequent information comes to light during the application process.  We know this can be disappointing, so your Key Solutions Mortgage Adviser will liaise with you to try and find an alternative lender that will fit your circumstances.

How long will my mortgage offer take to be issued?

Due to Key Solutions’ excellent relationships with mortgage lenders this is usually within 10-15 working days of your application being submitted to the lender.  However, this is not set in stone, for more complex cases it may take longer but we will always keep you updated of progress and you are welcome to call us at anytime.

I have received a Key Facts Illustration (KFI), which shows that the mortgage is commencing earlier than my completion date, why is this?

Your Key Facts Illustration is for information purposes only and gives your monthly mortgage payments based on completing your mortgage in the next month as all illustrations are generic.  You only start paying for your mortgage when you complete on your purchase or remortgage.

How will I be updated on the progress of my mortgage application?

Your mortgage adviser will automatically keep you updated by phone and email.  Should you wish to discuss your application’s progress at any time then please just call or drop us an email.

Who do I contact if I have any queries with my mortgage offer?

Your personal Mortgage Adviser or our Completions Team will be able to explain any queries you have.

How much stamp duty do I have to pay?

You have to pay stamp duty if you purchase property or land over £125,000 (for residential properties & £150,000 for non-residential land properties) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Your solicitor will confirm the amount you have to pay.  We have our own stamp duty calculator to give you an indication.

Why should I use Key Solutions as my mortgage broker?

Key Solutions ethos is ‘we are here to make life easier and better for everyone’ and we will do everything in our power to secure you the mortgage that is right for you with the minimum of fuss.

Key Solutions offer a unique guarantee whereby we will refund you 100% of any costs you have incurred should we fail to secure you the mortgage we have promised you.  We believe that a company should stand or fall by its word.

Key Solutions are a firm of whole of market, independent mortgage brokers who act on your behalf, not the lenders, and have fully qualified MCD Mortgage Advisers available to assist you every step of the way.

Do I pay my mortgage fees up front?

Lenders charge various fees.  These can include valuation fees, booking fees, product fees, arrangement fees, etc.  Before your application is submitted, your Key Solutions mortgage adviser will provide you with a Key Facts Illustration so that you can see the fees charged and be fully informed of all costs before proceeding with a full application.  Some fees have to be paid on application and some can be added to your mortgage.  Again, your Key Solutions mortgage adviser will take you through all of your options.

What income can I use?

All lenders have different forms of acceptable income.  By discussing your whole situation and income with your Key Solutions mortgage adviser, we can explain which lenders will accept your income.  We have access to lenders who accept zero hours contacts, foster parent income, rental income, DWP income & allowances, irregular commission & bonuses and shift allowances.

When will my first mortgage payment be taken?

Normally you can choose the date of your direct debit at the time of your application.  Your first mortgage payment will vary based on the date of your completion.  As a general rule of thumb, it will be taken approximately two weeks after your completion date.  You will be sent a welcome pack from your lender detailing your first payment.  If you need to know before this, you are able to call your lender on the day of completion and they will be able to tell you the exact date of payment and the amount that will be taken.

Why am I getting calls from different people at Key Solutions?

We have experts in different sections of our business and, as we want to give you the best advice possible, you will get calls from different people at Key Solutions during your mortgage application process to ensure the highest possible service standards are delivered to you.  Our departments are as follows:

Customer Experience Team

They will answer your calls and are responsible for the processing of your application.

Customer Qualification Team

This team are fully qualified mortgage advisers and will be your first point of contact in the advice process and their job is to establish your needs and determine your proceedability for a mortgage.

Client Referral Team

We are fortunate to deal with clients who have been referred to us from a number of sources, not least of which are previous clients who have enjoyed their experience with Key Solutions enough to recommend a friend, colleague or family member.  This is high praise indeed and something we are very appreciative of.

This team are the first point of contact for people who are new to us and are looking at buying something from the second-hand or “pre-loved” market.


New Build Team

Again a team of fully qualified mortgage advisers that will offer personal mortgage and protection advice once you have found a property to buy.

Completions Team

This team will see your mortgage application through to mortgage offer and will liaise with everyone concerned to ensure a smooth exchange and completion of your purchase.

General Insurance Team

This team will offer you advice and guidance on your Buildings and Contents insurance and any other general insurance products you may wish to discuss.

Client Loyalty Team

Another team of fully qualified Advisers who will contact you prior to your interest rate expiring to re-assess your needs and advise you on the most preferential rate options for you throughout the whole term of your mortgage.  They will also be there to help you should you ever require a further advance loan or if you move house, make a subsequent property purchase or if you wish to refinance any other properties that you may have.

Can I apply for or take out any credit agreements before I move in?

Making any future changes to your credit profile before completion could affect your lender’s decision to lend, this includes but is not limited to opening a bank account, taking out a credit card, applying for personal loans or not maintaining payments on current credit commitments.

What happens if my mortgage offer expires?

Depending on the lender, we can normally grant an extension for you.  Some lenders will request current payslips and bank statements in order to renew your offer.  Your interest rate and any incentives from the lender could also possibly change if any extension is necessary.  This will be discussed with you in detail before an application is made.


Can I send in photos of my ID and documents?

Unfortunately photos are not acceptable to lenders.  You will need to scan a clear black and white copy, making sure the document is central and not cut off at the edges.  If you are unable to access a scanner you may post your original documents to us.

What other services do you offer?

We offer help to buybuy to lets, commercial loans, lifetime mortgages, remortgages and refinancing, auction and bridging finance, self-build loans and development finance.  We also offer general insurance such as buildings and contents insurance and personal protection assurance such as life and critical illness assurance as well as income protection assurance.  If you require any other type of financial service, please ask us and we can point you in the direction of a trusted partner.

What is a credit check?

A credit check is a view of credit accounts you’ve had. It details your repayment history and any missed or late payments, bankruptcies, individual voluntary arrangements and court judgements can stay on your credit history for at least six years.

It is important to note that by using one of the credit checking tools you will leave a “footprint” on your credit report in the form of an enquiry.  This will not negatively affect your credit score.

What is a “footprint”?

A credit search footprint is a mark left on your credit file which states that you, a lender or credit company has looked at your file, which usually happens when you apply for credit.

An enquiry is known as a soft footprint whereas an application for credit such as a mortgage, credit card or loan is known as a hard footprint.

Soft footprints ae only visible to you, whereas hard footprints will be visible to any lender. Having a larger number of hard footprints in your recent credit history can lower your score.

How can I make my credit score better?

Having a better score means that lenders are more likely to approve applications. There’s many ways to improve your credit score, you can:

  • Register to vote
  • Reduce the amount of debt you owe
  • Try to avoid missing payments
  • Check your credit file regularly
  • Don’t make lots of loan applications in a short space of time

Your dedicated adviser will be able to provide help and support in accessing and increasing your credit score.

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