Dream Job


If you can’t find your dream job but still want to join the gang, please get in touch.

It might be a role that we don’t even know we need yet, but let us know why you’re the kind of person we need by creating your own position!

We’re always keeping an eye out to find exceptional people who are powered by delivering excellent service, both to our clients and to fellow Key Solutions colleagues.



Finding the right person is important to us and we employ people who live and breathe our ethos: ‘we are here to make life easier and better for everyone’.

Our five core values expected of each employee are;

Trust [noun: firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something]. Relationships are built on trust and we have the best relationships with our clients and fellow Key Solutions gang members.

Teamwork [noun: a combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient]. We are one big team and we all pull together to ensure the job gets done. Yes we work hard, but we like to have fun too!

Integrity [noun: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles]. High moral standards are essential, as we will always do the right thing. We all work in an ‘above the line’ way; we take ownership and we are accountable and responsible for our actions.

Service [noun: the action of helping or doing work for someone]. We see our clients as VIPs, that’s why providing world-class customer service every time means everything to us.

Transparency [noun: the quality of operating in an open way without secrets]. We are always open and straightforward with everyone.

Please fill out our form below or send your CV to careers@ksmortgages.co.uk and explain why we need you and your skills in your covering letter.

You may want to include things like:

  • What your ideal job would include. What would you be doing?
  • What attracts you to Key Solutions?
  • A new idea you have that could revolutionise our business
  • The salary you would expect

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