How to keep your home safe when you go on holiday

How to keep your home safe when you go on holiday

What do John Terry, Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner and Simon Cowell have in common? (Apart from being millionaires?!). Sadly, they have all had their homes broken into and their possessions stolen. We definitely don’t want that to happen to any of our clients, so don’t worry, we’re here to help.

As destinations around the world begin to open back up you may be looking forward to finally getting some well-deserved sun!

However, before rushing to the airport, have you thought about properly protecting your home?

Here’s some top tips from our home insurance partner Nest to protect your home while you’re away:

We all love being on holiday and many of us love posting pictures of beaches, activities and amazing food on our social media profiles.

But this just publicises that your home is empty and could be viewed by strangers. This happened to John Terry when he posted pictures of his skiing holiday on Instagram and thousands of pounds of jewellery was taken from his home.

So, think about leaving the #holiday posts until you’re home and enjoy just soaking up the sun.

Leave a key…

…Not in a flowerpot or under the mat, but with a trusted neighbour, friend or relative so they can keep a close eye on your home. They’ll then be able to pick up any post lying on your doormat to make the house look occupied and gain access should anything go wrong.

Close, lock and double check

Did you know that a theft claim wouldn’t be accepted if you were burgled and entry to your home was gained through an open window or door?

Make sure you double check all your windows and doors before setting off and don’t forget any garages, gates and outbuildings too!

Hide your valuables

Make your most treasured and valuable items hard to find and difficult to remove – the loft, attic or a safe is best.

Grab your car keys, laptops, watches and jewellery and keep them somewhere safe!

And if the worst should happen…

Having comprehensive home insurance in place will ensure that in the event of damage or theft you won’t be left out of pocket.

Are you confident you have the right insurance in place to protect your home?!

If you would like free home insurance advice and extra peace of mind before you travel from our home insurances partners at Nest then contact the team today on 03330 110555 or send them a message using their contact form on